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Join me as I explore culture, productivity, education, and faith.

In a world of exploding information, I curate—that is, study, sift, and highlight—these topics. As a university dean and educator, intercultural consultant and corporate trainer, I cover cultural issues such as racism or majority world thinking, teaching creatively like this or this, research on how people change and students succeed, migration and identity, interviews with experts, and best book lists on managing your time, marriage, and money. My new release on how to better manage your time is coming in 2018.

Think of what you’d most like to pursue that you never seem to have time to do. A few years ago, I wanted like a crazy person to complete a PhD overseas, but I worked full-time in the US and helped my husband with a non-profit organization. Where would I find time for a PhD? What would you like to do? It can happen. Without sacrificing your sleep or family, I’ll describe how.

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Traveling by train in Switzerland
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